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The program

Wega2 is a freeware high quality image viewer and file manager for digital cameras. Wega2 includes some handy additional tools to compare images, view exif info or analyze exif data from jpg files with the build in ExposurePlot program.


 arrow Wega2 version 1.1.6 
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"Besides the basic exif overlay on the main viewer screen Wega2 does have a full Exif information viewer"


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Besides the basic options, file browser, image viewer, slide show, exif viewer, exif overlay and a customizable thumbnail viewer, the program has a lot of other useful options.
See Features and the file Wega2_updates.txt for more information.

Paperclip and Favorites
Use the paperclip (insert key) to create shortcuts to pictures the paperclip can be saved as a show file or pasted into an existing show. Or simply use the paperclip as a container for the files you want to view, compare or edit in some way.

Add folders you often need to the favorites list, this will get you fast to the desired folder without a hassle.

Aspect Ratio
Make a copy of your images fitt any screen size, for this you can use the aspect ratio tool to resize one or more (batch) images to use on digital photo frames, smart phones or tablet pc's.

Lens length analyzer
Exposureplot the Lens Length Analyzer for jpg files is a build in feature in Wega2, though you don't need to download both programs.

JPG Compression
The compression center takes care of resizing and compressing one ore more jpg files, from here you can prepare and send images via e-mail.

Sorting Exif values
With the sort option you can sort the folowing exif values:
Photo Date, Model, Focal (and 35mm equivalent) length, ISO, Shutterspeed, Fnumber and Aperture.

Thumbnail spy
When hovering over a filename a thumbnail of the selected image pops up with some exif information (optional).

The Stand Alone Version

Wega2 is also available as a Stand Alone version, this version runs from any USB drive or memory card and doesn't use the registry but saves the settings on the card. Installation is simple, download the SA version and extract the files to the root of a USB pen/drive or memory card.

If you have Wega2 installed on your computer you don't need the SA zip, just start Wega and simply point to an usb drive in the navigation panel on the left then right mouse click and select the Create Wega2 Stand alone option.

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Features General

  • Standard drive and folder navigation
  • Favorite list for folders (quick access)
  • Recursive folder browsing (optional)
  • Paperclip lists (use insert key)
  • Customize associated file types

Test & compare

  • ExposurePlot, create graphs of lens lenght (35mm equiv.) ISO, aperture and shutterspeed.
  • Histogram
  • Pixel magnifier (with RGB spy)
  • Quick compare tool (up to 4 images)


  • Complete EXIF information (overlay, exif viewer)
  • Custom JPG compression center (save/e-mail)
  • Lossless rotate jpg files (jpegtran) (also batch)
  • Saves compressed/resized JPG files with EXIF.
  • Add 35mm equivalent (if not in exif present)
  • Batch Aspect Ratio tool, handy to fitt images onto your tablet, photoframe or phone

File options:

  • Batch rename file name strings or add pre- suffix.
  • Change case
  • Export (compress) intire folders an subfolders.
  • Import from memory card or folders.
  • Copy/paste/move files
  • Open files with associated or any other suitable editor.
  • Change file date to photo date (batch)
  • Paste files (shortcuts) in show lists
  • Save compressed files
  • Change aspect ratio
  • Print images
  • Twain support (also multiscan mode)

Viewer options:

  • Full screen view.
  • Zoom.
  • Thumbnail viewer
  • Thumb spy
  • Copy to clipboard

Slide show:

  • Slide show with basic fading styles.
  • Create and manage show lists.


  • Several resampling filters from Box to Lanczos3
  • Play memo files (*.wav)
  • 40 supported file types:
    bmp ico wmf emf jfif jpg jpe jpeg rle dib win vst vda tga icb tiff tif thm fax eps pcx pcc scr rpf rla sgi rgba rgb bw psd pdd ppm pgm pbm cel pic pcd gif and animated gif thm cut psp png.

Windows 95/98/98SE
XP Home/Professional
Vista/Win7/Win8 /win10

Wega2 file type support:
bmp ico wmf emf jfif jpg jpe jpeg rle dib win vst vda tga icb tiff tif fax eps pcx pcc scr rpf rla sgi rgba rgb bw psd pdd ppm pgm pbm cel pic pcd gif animated gif cut psp png txt rtf

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